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ALPINE Conjunto EZI-DAB + KAE-220DA Sintonizador y antena DAB


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ALPINE Conjunto EZI-DAB + KAE-220DA Sintonizador y antena DAB
ALPINE Conjunto EZI-DAB + KAE-220DA Sintonizador y antena DABALPINE Conjunto EZI-DAB + KAE-220DA Sintonizador y antena DAB

ALPINE Conjunto EZI-DAB + KAE-220DA Sintonizador y antena DAB
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The Ezi-Alpine DAB is connected to the existing main unit in your vehicle, providing excellent digital radio reception and the ability to connect and control your iPod, iPhone and iPad or USB-compatible devices. You can easily connect to the main unit and is designed for easy installation. Contains a small elegant display controller, which is installed on the dashboard of the vehicle, plus a retractable docking station with a discreet antenna (not included). The Ezi-DAB works with standard DAB / DAB + and DMRB. The installation kit includes the control unit, module connections, wiring and mounting bracket.
  • Audio adapter and digital radio tuner head units
  • Double DAB / DAB + / DMBR
  • Supports Band III and L-Band
  • Removable controller display high contrast white OELD
  • 5 colors lighting controller buttons (blue / green / red / amber / white)
  • Auto-dimmer
  • Connection for iPod / iPhone / iPad (requires Apple's standard cable) and USB allows charging and full control of the music
  • Pause and rewind live broadcasts of digital radio
  • AUX in, Line out, USB upgradable, 30 presets
  • Easy connection to the main unit (Line out, FM transmission antenna via cable or via radio)
  • Optional DAB antenna (KAE-225da / KAE-220DA)
  • Full connectivity to Apple devices, control devices from the EZI-DAB (The USB port works with the original cable and is compatible with Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad for full control of music)
  • Great multimedia connectivity, USB playback.
  • The two digital tuners recorded a constant dynamic update stations. The Ezi-DAB eliminates adds new content and no reception stations along the way.
  • Removable compact controller easily installed on the dashboard.
  • The Ezi-DAB has a display with excellent contrast for correct viewing from any angle and even at night.
  • Optional active antenna foil for better reception (KAE-225da / KAE-220DA)
  • Easy installation. The module can be installed discreetly connections (under the glove box under the passenger seat, etc..) And fed directly to the original preinstalled. Extension hoses can be placed in locations accessible to the Apple device connectivity, USB keys and for future updates.
  • Installation Flexibility. There are multiple ways to connect to the computer of the car: Check out online, FM transmission, direct FM transmission via an antenna.
  • Updates via USB

Stop Pause point:
Stop Pause mode is designed for precise mode when you need to leave the vehicle and come back to it in a short period of time, for example, whether to refuel or an ATM. When you remove the ignition keep the EZI-DAB feeding for 15 minutes. In this period the computer goes into "sleep" (display off). When you return to the vehicle and put back the contact (within that period of 15 minutes) the EZI-DAB operation will immediately and start playing audio in one of the following ways:

If you were listening to a song on your iPod, playback will continue from the same point where you left off.
If you were listening to a digital radio tuning, replay the same page in real time.
You can also pause the digital radio up to 8 minutes, so that you can refuel, pay and return to the vehicle to listen to the broadcast at the point where you left off.

Picnic mode:
Picnic mode is a perfect solution when you want to listen to music through the Ezi-DAB without having to keep the engine running or the keys in the ignition. After an hour the EZI-DAB turns off automatically to prevent wearing down the battery.

Note: Both modes are subject to different vehicle specifications. For example, some vehicles only supply power to the main unit for 15 minutes with the engine off and the keys removed.

The KAE-220DA is an active antenna for tuning DAB / DAB + / DMB use in vehicles.
  • Self-adhesive sheet-
  • Frequency range: Band III 170-240MHz / 1452-1495MHz L-Band
  • Power supply: 5 - 12V (50mA)
  • Type of reception: Omnidirectional
  • Impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Connector: low loss cable with angled connector type 3m SMB (Female)
  • Power Indicator: Blue LED
  • Color: Black / transparent
  • Dimensions: 47 x 247mm

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